Bee Pollen - 250g  - RAW

Bee Pollen - 250g - RAW

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“Bee pollen is the richest natural source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals yet discovered.”  - The Institute of Apiculture, Taranow, USSR


Scientists refer to bee pollen as 'nature's complete food.' Bee Pollen is a nutrient-dense superfood with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more. Bee Pollen is a great daily supplement for nutrition, strength and energy. Supercharge your health with premium quality Natural Life™ Australian Bee Pollen today!


Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

The health benefits of Bee Pollen come from its composition of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enymes, amino acids and trace elements. The benefits of these include:

  • Vitamin E for anti-ageing and improved skin health
  • Vitamin B12 for energy production and metabolism
  • 22 amino acids for protein production (a good source of protein for vegetarians)
  • May provide a feeling of 'fullness' to assist with weight loss
  • A healthy choice of protein supplement athletes and slimmers
  • A source of essential nutrients for anyone whose diet is lacking
  • Calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron to support digestive health, bone strength, metabolism, muscle health and liver function
  • Natural antioxidants that assist a range of health issues from cardio support to anti-aging
  • Bioflavonoids that support immune health and may assist with allergy prevention

Australian Made Natural Life™ Bee Pollen is chemical free and harvested from pristine eucalyptus forests around Australia. Eucalyptus Bee Pollens have an additional benefits of supporting levels of  LDL (good) cholesterol. Natural Life™ Bee Pollen is derived from Australian Multi-Flora pollens, hence the pretty variance of colour in the product.

Premium quality Australian Bee Pollen from Natural Life - Australia's Bee Health Specialist - is a great way to supercharge your health. Try this amazing natural superfood and boost your health today!


*Some individuals may be allergic to bee pollen. Seek advice from a health practitioner before use, particularly for those with bee allergies or asthma.

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