L'Abruzzese Organic Spelt "Penne Rigate" 375g

L'Abruzzese Organic Spelt "Penne Rigate" 375g

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Spelt is a supergrain as it is packed full with great nutritional benefits (see below) and has a wholesome, nutty flavour L'Abruzzese pasta's are HACCP approved for food safety and NASAA 100% Certified Organic (reg 5195P).L'Abruzzese pasta is made with top quality, all Australian Organic ingredients, that are free of chemicals and any GMO's. 

An ancient, high protein grain and relatives of modern wheat. Spelt has a great flavour and are easily absorbed by the body. They are particularly enjoyed by many people requiring special diets, such as those who have a low wheat tolerance or wheat and gluten sensitivities or allergies. These pastas are easily digested and have a great, nutty taste! Spelt flour is versatile, used in baking breads, cakes & muffins and in pizza dough.

  • Contains higher protein content than normal wheat; 
  • Contains higher percentage of lipids, essential amino acids, vitamins (B2, manganese, niacin, thiamin & copper in spelt) and minerals which produce more energy than carbohydrates. 
  • Lower GI and better for people with diabetes or those with fluctuating blood sugar levels (starch in spelt is metabilised more slowly than normal wheat)
  • Contains more fibre and less glutamic acid than normal wheat.

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