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At Rare Organics our sole purpose is to source and make available not your usual organic grocery items. We have sourced the highest quality organic products that are purely based on organic and biodynamic farming methods, purity, food safety, freshness, locations, health benefits, allergen specifics, non-GMO and taste.

The products that we have available in our store are not widely available together in the one store and we give you a choice of groceries that are not only unique in name, but unique in taste and quality.

A small family run business that supports local growers and producers by dealing directly with a wide range of growers and producers has seen us build friendships with our suppliers that we are certain of our groceries freshness, uniqueness and purity. Our product range is forever evolving as we are always looking for new products that are of high quality and as a small majority of our products are sourced overseas that we have given great care, time and knowledge that has gone into securing trustworthy items that are beneficial to you.

We care about your health, well-being, your choice, the environment and want brighter prospects for future generations where you should know that these products are available for you and are available in the one store.

Search our range of items whether you’re looking for gluten free, low GI, vegan, hard to find rare foods or just organic products do now that your shopping in confidence.

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