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About Us Rare Organics

Rare Organics is solely focused on bringing the finest quality whole foods to the market, with the purpose of making them easily accessible to the community. In a world of trending diets and food fads, we would rather take a more organic approach to bring in the rare organics that are best for your health.

We have sourced the highest quality organic products that are purely based on organic and biodynamic farming methods, purity, food safety, freshness, locations, health benefits, allergen specifics, non-GMO and taste.

After the success of our standalone store in the Queen Victoria Market, we have now expanded our horizons to cater for the needs of wider audiences, with the sole purpose of making the unusual, high-quality, organic whole foods readily available for Australians across the country. We provide shipment service across Australia. No matter where you are in the country, the goodness of healthy foods will find its way to your home with our high-quality whole foods.

A Unique and Healthy range of High-Quality Whole Foods

Our product range is unique and offers an extensive choice of groceries that are unique in taste and quality. As a small family run business, we support our local growers and producers and have developed ongoing relationships with them, making it certain that all our products will be fresh, unique, and pure.

We have invested a lot of care, time and knowledge in procuring the highest-quality products from trustworthy sellers to ensure that only the best makes it to your home. Our product list comprises only gluten-free, low GI and vegan items and they will do their bit towards improving your overall health.

So with us at Rare Organics, you can shop in confidence and give your health and fitness goals a positive run and pave the way for healthy and better living.

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