Chinese Five Spice | Certified Organic | 100g

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Chinese Five Spice powder is blended and mixed in Australia and contains cloves, star anise, fennel, true cinnamon, ginger  and Sichuan pepper and is famous mouth-numbing heat. Please note, the blend doesn’t get its name from the number of spices it contains, but from the five principal Chinese flavours it creates ~ which incorporates all five tastes of Chinese cuisine – salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy.

Chinese Five Spice is sweet and warm thanks to the anise and cinnamon, but it’s also cool and deep because of the fennel and cloves.


It’s well-known for its use in Chinese cuisine where it’s often incorporated into daily cooking, but it’s also used in other Asian, Western Indian and also Middle Eastern cuisines as well.

One of its best uses is as a spice rub or marinade for fatty meats like pork, duck, or goose. Chinese Five Spice is integral to any traditional Peking duck recipe. But it can work surprisingly well with lamb, beef, and meatballs too.

Slow cooking and roasting techniques help both meats and vegetables absorb its flavours particularly well. This powerful blend also works wonders in soups, stir-fries, and fried rice. Chinese Five Spice can be used to add depth to curries and braises, and it can prove to be an interesting and unexpected addition to chutneys, cookies, or spice cakes.

Mixed and packed in Melbourne, with varying ingredients from multiple origins.