Fennel Seeds | Certified Organic | 100g

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Fennel Seeds, Foeniculum vulgare, are a member of the parsley family (Apiaceae family) and is closely related to anise, asafoetida, caraway, chervil, coriander, culantro, dill, lovage and parsley. Fennels seeds are considered a spice, while the edible roots, stalks and leaves of the plant are considered an herb.

Fennel is a common spice in the Mediterranean and European regions, and French and Italian cooks often call fennel “the fish herb”. The French use them in fish soups, in some versions of their popular herb blend Herbs de Provence and in vinaigrettes. Italians add fennel seed to meatballs, pasta sauces, pepperoni, pizza, salami, Sambuca (a colorless liqueur) and sausages. Arabs add them in breads and salads, while the Spanish use fennel seeds to flavor various baked goods.

Throughout Asia, fennel seeds are used to season cabbages, fish sauces, roasted lamb, mutton and pork curries, sweet and sour dishes. In India theyre toasted in oil to release their flavor where theyre then used ground or used whole in breads, curries, lentils, spice blends, soups and vegetables. In Kashmir ground fennel is a key ingredient in egg and fish egg curries and in Sri Lanka ground fennel is added to hot curries and stews.


Up to 18 months when stored as above.
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