Flax Seed Australian | Certified Organic | 500g

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Linseeds, also called flaxseeds, have a fresh nutty flavour.

These Australian grown Brown Linseeds are Certified Organic. They have been grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilisers, have no added preservatives and are non-GMO. Linseeds are an ingredient in LSA; they can be added to baking recipes or sprinkled on sweet or savoury dishes.
It is also a wonderful addition to baked muffins and cookies, or add whole or ‘cracked’ Linseeds to bread mixes. Add Linseeds to muesli bars and energy balls. Sprinkle Linseeds over cereal, yoghurt, salads, steamed veggies or hotpots.


Up to 24 months when stored as above.

Product of Australia.