Polenta | Certified Organic | 1kg

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Polenta is made from whole grain yellow maize that has been coarsely milled before the bran is sifted off.

This Australian grown, Certified Organic Polenta is free of artificial additives or preservatives and is non-GMO. Polenta is a versatile and inexpensive ingredient that is quick and easy to cook. It has a rich golden colour, and subtle nutty flavour and aroma. Polenta can be used in baking recipes and prepared as a sweet or savoury dish.

Certifier: ACO

Polenta has a great yield, making four cups cooked from one cup of dry polenta. To cook, bring three cups of water to the boil, then slowly add one cup of polenta while stirring constantly to prevent lumps from forming. Cook over low heat stirring frequently for the first 10 minutes, then cook for a further 15, or until the grains feel soft when rubbed between the fingers. Polenta has a tendency to splatter when being cooked, so take care not to get in the firing line! It can also be cooked in stock to impart more flavour. If you prefer hard polenta, simply spoon the cooked creamy mixture into a tray and allow to cool. It can now easily be cut and eaten as is, or grilled or fried to give it a richer flavour and beautiful golden colour.


Up to 18 months when properly stored. See Best Before date.