Split Red Lentils | Certified Organic | 1kg

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Red Split Lentils are certified organic and are a colourful and flavour-filled pulse. Cook faster than the whole variety, and when cooked, form a lovely puree. The split variety is more suited to making dhal and soup, whereas the whole lentils can be used to make salads and vegetarian burgers. From appetisers to desserts, lentils not only add a nutritious punch, but also a variety of texture other ingredients can’t match.

Red Lentils contain iron, as well as some of the same anti-oxidants found in tea and red wine, they’re an excellent low-fat choice for any diet, and particularly useful for vegans. Quick-cooking, they’re considered one of the tastiest lentils out there!

Lentils add colour to your pot of curry or stew. Soups are given an extra hearty element when wholesome lentils are added. You can use lentils to prepare a delicate veggie dip by pureeing them, then seasoning with citrus and nut butter. In a salad, lentils add a punch of nutrition and in a stir-fry, they add surprising texture and crunch. You can even add a few table spoonfuls to your taco or quesadilla fillings!

Origin: Grown Organically in Turkey.


Up to 24 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.